What we do in Yemen

Yemen has turned into the number one humanitarian crisis in absolute numbers, with 18.8 million people (69% of the population) in need of assistance. The political instability and related disasters that the country has been facing over the last years have also caused millions of casualties, the loss of livelihoods, and of economic and social infrastructure throughout the entire country. Large scale population displacement is continuing at an alarming pace. Over three million people have fled their homes since the onset of the conflict, most of whom remain inside Yemen. During 2016 the severity of needs has intensified across the sectors with no signs of improvement. At least 14.1 million people are severely food-insecure; more than a million children are suffering from severe malnutrition; some 14.5 million people lack access to safe water sources; and 14.8 million people lack adequate access to basic health care.

In 2016 ZOA worked in Sana’a and Hajjah governorates to support women, men and children in the IDP and host communities. We provided winterization and hygiene kits, access to safe water, public latrines at schools. For 2017 ZOA has been able to substantially increase its budget for Yemen and we will continue to provide lifesaving support through improving access to food, water, hygiene promotion, the distributions of items to survive the winter, cash-for-work, cash distributions, food-for-training and farmer support.