Sri Lanka

Programme areas and target groups

  • Northern Sri Lanka: Mannar, Vavuniya, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu
  • Eastern Sri Lanka: Batticaloa, Ampara and Pollannaruwa
  • Returnees, both returned IDPs and returned refugees. Especially female headed households, farmers, fishermen, livestock farmers and vulnerable families due to disability, domestic and gender based violence or mental health issues.
  • State-led community based organisations (CBOs). Especially: Farmer Organisations, Fishermen Co oporative Societies, Livestock Development Societies, Women Rural Development Societies, and other Civil Society Organisations such as Community Centers, Producer Groups, Women in Good Governance.
  • Food security & Livelihoods
  • Peacebuilding

What we do in Sri Lanka

There have been many positive changes in Sri Lanka since the war was ended in 2009. However, beneath the surface conflict and polarisation between communities continue to exist and there is much to be done to achieve peace and stability for all communities. ZOA focuses increasingly on ensuring that peacebuilding activities are at the foundation of all programmes. Pursuing this vision, ZOA has increased and will continue its work among the border villages that lie on the fault lines between Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities, throughout 2017.

Agricultural and dairy farmers and fishermen have achieved increased productivity and income as a result of ZOA’s interventions. These were aimed at building capacity, improving productivity by facilitating access to markets at the upper levels of the value chain, assisting in debt relief by refinancing with state institutions and negating the role of the middle-man, and creating producer groups to ensure sustainability.

Nearly 41 women are now ready and eager to participate in the upcoming local elections. That is a result of ZOA intensifying its work with and for women during 2016. Many more SHGs were formed and we facilitated capacity building, advocacy and empowerment activities. This has encouraged them to take up decision making roles within their communities and to participate in politics.

In 2017, ZOA will remain focused on supporting communities in rural locations with special attention for women, improving their capacities for equable treatment, and to prepare and equip to be equal partners in socio-economic rural development. ZOA will continuously work with fishermen and farmers to improve their productivity and become a competitive producer in commercial markets.

ZOA will work with all these target groups by helping them to contribute to sustainable peace in Sri Lanka. ZOA continues to provide assistance to refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan who are awaiting relocation.