What we do in Jordan

Refugees from Syria began to arrive in Jordan in 2011. Currently, the Syrian refugees in Jordan continue to face immense challenges, leading to great needs, vulnerability and protection concerns. Sadly, in their struggle for survival, refugees are adopting coping mechanisms that might harm them, including reducing food consumption, withdrawing children from school or taking on informal or dangerous employment. Over 85% of the refugees do not stay in camps but live in or near urban areas in sub-standard shelters with limited basic amenities and services. In 2016 ZOA supported both Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians with cash assistance, non-food items and blankets, heaters and fuel to survive the harsh winter conditions. In 2017 we will continue to provide psychosocial support through community centers in urban areas with high numbers of refugees. We intend to explore possibilities to partner with private sector parties to improve the economic well-being of both refugees and Jordanians through skills development and income generating activities that will allow them to acquire and access the capabilities, knowledge, goods and assets necessary for survival.