Where we work

  • Greater Upper Nile Region (Bor South, Fangak, Pibor, Gumuruk, Verthet, Lekwangole and Akobo Counties)
  • Greater Equatoria region (Terekeka, Torit, Lainya counties
  • IDPs, returnees and host communities
  • Food security & Livelihoods
  • Peacebuilding

What do we do in South Sudan

The South Sudan humanitarian crisis is deepening and spreading. It has caused pain and suffering for millions of people across the country in 2016. Livelihoods were destroyed and people uprooted. The eruption of conflict in July 2016 in the capital Juba spread to other areas and by mid-December 2016 more than three million South Sudanese people were uprooted, which is around 25 percent of the entire population.

The recovery and development oriented projects in Equatoria had to be suspended or terminated and ZOA had to shift again to relief type of projects. It is ZOA’s aim to be faithful and not abandon its target population we have worked with for eighteen years. However, it is extremely complicated to reach the people since they have frequently moved and are scattered over many locations.

Given the current context it is ZOA’s aim is to use a blended approach: to expand the disaster response activities in South Sudan, while at the same time continuing working on recovery projects as far as the context allows. During the year several looting incidents and evacuations of field offices hampered continuation of the work. But even in this context ZOA was able to close two major projects successfully with positive evaluations (see also page 86). We were also delighted with the approval and successful inception phase of the EU-funded project in Bor, Pibor and Akobo.

In principle ZOA will start projects only in areas with which it is familiar in order to make full use of ZOA’s local knowledge and network in a complex context. At the end of the year, ZOA South Sudan was starting up in Leer (Unity State), and working in Fangak, Akobo, Pibor and Bor, all in the in the Greater Upper Nile area. In the Greater Equatoria area ZOA is starting up disaster response in Lainya, which may be followed by Torit. ZOA still has a base there, and former staff ready to resume working for ZOA.